Олимпиада по английскому языку муниципальный тур

ENGLISH 5-6 forms

I. Listen to the story and answer the questions. (10 points)

1) Last year the woman visited … .

A. Crete

B. Greece

C. Cyprus

2) The woman is going to… .

A. Crete

B. Croatia

C. Greece

3) She and her husband are staying in a … .

A. town

B. hotel

C. a small village

4) They are staying by the … .

A. forest

B. sea

C. ocean

5) The bungalow is booked for … .

A. forty nights

B. a fortnight

C. thirty nights

6) Bungalow means … .

A. cooking and cleaning

B. eating out

C. no swimming

7) The woman’s husband enjoys … on holiday.

A. cooking

B. sing

C. to eating out

8) He can cook … .

A. breakfast

B. cookies

C. fast food

9) Local restaurants are … .

A. awful

B. dirty

C. very good

10) The man decided to try … .

A. Malta this year

B. Malta next year

C. Turkey this year

II. Make up the proverbs. (10 points)

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